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How to use kubensky in a sentence. Kubensky pronunciation.

Ivan was not brought up at home, but in the house of an old and wealthy maiden aunt, Princess Kubensky.
So long as the Princess Kubensky kept him with her, Glafira had hoped to obtain at least half of her father's property; and in her avarice, as well as in other points, she resembled her grandmother.
He eagerly availed himself of so good an opportunity of discharging on him all his long-gathered spite against the Princess Kubensky, and overwhelmed him with insulting expressions.

Examples of Kubensky

Example #1
When her husband approached the card-table, she was always in the habit of covering with her hand the trumpery losses scored up against her; but she had made over to him, without reserve, all her dowry, all the money she had.
Example #2
She liked to drive fast, and was ready to play at cards from morning until evening.
Example #3
Besides this, Glafira was jealous of her brother.
Example #4
Ivan Petrovich's return home was by no means to her taste.
Example #5
Like a hawk, he pounced upon his son charging him with immorality, atheism, and hypocrisy.
Example #6
Anna Pavlovna also came running to the scene of confusion, and tried to appease her husband; but he would not listen to a word she said.