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How to use <l in a sentence. <l pronunciation.

He could reduce all things to acts, And knew their natures by abstracts; Where entity and quiddity, 145 The ghosts of defunct bodies fly; Where truth in person does appear, Like words congeal'd in northern air.
When 'twas resolv'd by either house Six Members quarrel to espouse?
As some whom Death would not depart, Have done the feat themselves by art; Like Indian widows, gone to bed In flaming curtains to the dead; 640 And men as often dangled for't, And yet will never leave the sport.

Examples of <l

Example #1
His notions fitted things so well, That which was which he could not tell; 140 But oftentimes mistook th' one For th' other, as great clerks have done.
Example #2
And, as occasion serv'd, would quote; No matter whether right or wrong, They might be either said or sung.
Example #3
Did they for this draw down the rabble, With zeal and noises formidable, And make all cries about the town 530 Join throats to cry the Bishops down?
Example #4
The blood and treasure that's laid out, 520 Is thrown away, and goes for nought.
Example #5
But that 'tis of their own procuring.
Example #6
Whose hot fit takes the patient first, That after burns with cold as much 655 As ir'n in GREENLAND does the touch; Melts in the furnace of desire Like glass, that's but the ice of fire; And when his heat of fancy's over, Becomes as hard and frail a lover.