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Definition of Labrador

  • A region of British America on the Atlantic coast, north of Newfoundland.
  • the mainland part of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador in the eastern part of the large Labrador-Ungava Peninsula in northeastern Canada

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It did not require a professor of hygienic dietetics to predict that men fed in the tropics upon a diet suited to the icy shores of Greenland would become ill, especially when they were clad in a manner suited to the climate of Labrador.
Now, brothers, for the icebergs Of frozen Labrador, Floating spectral in the moonshine, Along the low, black shore!
Verrazano (1524) sailed the coast from Carolina to Labrador, and Cartier (1534-1535) pushed up the Saint Lawrence to Montreal, looking for a northwest passage, and demonstrating that France had no respect for the Spanish claim to all America.
During the cruise of the "Bulldog," already alluded to, it was ascertained that while the calcareous Globigerinae had almost exclusive possession of certain tracts of the sea-bottom, they were wholly wanting in others, as between Greenland and Labrador.
The older half of this Laurentian series is unconformable to the newer portion of the same. UPPER LAURENTIAN OR LABRADOR SERIES.
One of the varieties is the same as the apolescent labradorite rock of Labrador.
Labrador, in Labrador-Rock (Damour). 51.36 0.37 ....
Professor Gustavus Rose, to whom I submitted specimens of this dike, found it to be dolerite, and composed of greenish black augite and Labrador feldspar, the latter being the most abundant ingredient.
The Upper Laurentian or Labrador series lies unconformably upon the Lower, and differs from it chiefly in having as yet yielded no fossils.
Koninckia Leonhardi, Hallstadt. Labrador rock.
He will embark the day after to-morrow at New York, on board the Labrador.
H. Y. Hind, in Explorations in the Interior of the Labrador Peninsula (ii.
It is related that a Viking ship was driven during a storm to a strange coast, which is thought to have been that part of America now known as Labrador.
The directions are simple: anywhere between 53 north latitude and the Pole, on the one hand; and, on the other, the likeliest hunting grounds that lie between the east coast of Siberia and farthermost Labrador.
There was Johnson, the ex-Hudson Bay Company factor, who had housed him in a Labrador factory until his dogs rested up a bit, and he was able to strike out again.
It would be as cold as Labrador.
But men shot us so, and knocked us on the head, and took our eggs-why, if you will believe it, they say that on the coast of Labrador the sailors used to lay a plank from the rock on board the thing called their ship, and drive us along the plank by hundreds, till we tumbled down into the ship's waist in heaps; and then, I suppose, they ate us, the nasty fellows!
Everybody seemed in better humor, too, after the refection, but the queen and the dwarf-the former looked colder, and harder, and more like a Labrador iceberg tricked out in purple velvet, than ever, and his highness was grinning from ear to ear-which was the very worst possible sign.
It is true that the Icelandic Chronicles tell us that Lief, the son of Eric the Red, 1001, sailed with a crew of thirty-five men, in a Norwegian vessel, and driven southward in a storm, from Greenland along the coasts of Labrador, wintered in Vineland on the shores of Mount Hope Bay.
Far back from this level land lay the dark, limestone hills, which had rambled down from Labrador, and, crossing the River St. Lawrence, stretched away into the English province.

Examples of Labrador

Example #1
Are we to conclude that it was impossible to get rice, beans, canned fruits, canned corn, and other vegetables to take the place of potatoes and onions?
Example #2
Occasionally it was practicable to get a quarter or a half ration of potatoes and half of the usual allowance of canned tomatoes, but that was all.
Example #3
Where like snow the gannet's feathers On Brador's rocks are shed, And the noisy murr are flying, Like black scuds, overhead; Where in mist tie rock is hiding, And the sharp reef lurks below, And the white squall smites in summer, And the autumn tempests blow; Where, through gray and rolling vapor, From evening unto morn, A thousand boats are hailing, Horn answering unto horn.
Example #4
One glance, my lads, behind us, For the homes we leave one sigh, Ere we take the change and chances Of the ocean and the sky.
Example #5
Of course, the peasantry also benefited to no slight extent, but their benefits were certainly less impressive than those of the bourgeoisie.
Example #6
They secured an effective control of all branches of government, local and central.