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How to use lady-but in a sentence. Lady-but pronunciation.

Mrs. Cliff could easily have supplied the deficit, and it would have given her real pleasure to do so,-for she had almost an affection for the old lady,-but when she asked to be allowed to subscribe, she did not dare to give more than one dollar, which was the largest sum upon the list, and even then Betty had said that, under the circumstances, she could not have been expected to give anything.
Excessive mental agitation had rendered the prince uncourteous, and he wholly forgot to offer his services to the other lady-but what was there that he would not have forgotten at this moment?
Free to confess, I should not like to see him married to that stately beautiful young lady-but they do gossip about it in the village.
I never wanted to be a lady-but I do now, Peregrine, for your sake.
It may be wrong-for you, my young lady-but it has made soldiers to ride, and little girls, and other young ladies, and I am content.

Examples of Lady-but

Example #1
When she went out into the little barn at the rear of the house, and saw the empty cow-stable, how she longed for fresh cream, and butter of her own making!
Example #2
There had been an attempt to raise enough money by subscription to give the old lady her home for another year, but this had not been very successful.
Example #3
My attention in atoning for the remissness of the prince prevented my hearing the commencement of a conversation which had begun between him and the young Greek, while I had been helping the other lady on shore.
Example #4
Necessity overcame her reluctance, and, accepting the aid of his hand, she stepped on shore.
Example #5
If it is not true, better put the Squire on his guard-false rumours often beget truths-beg pardon, your honour-no business of mine- -baugh!
Example #6
A man who gets in a passion with himself may be soon out of temper with others.