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No pebbles, therefore, of lava were transported into the lake- no fragments of volcanic rocks imbedded in the conglomerate.
Surfbathing, and, generally, sea-bathing and lake- bathing are not advisable.
If you do-if you do-I swear before the Lord that I'll drown myself in that lake-" "I have no intention of telling him.
I have a task before me, to reach a great lake- the head of the Nile.
The next observations to be compared are those from Karuma Falls throughout the westerly course of the river to the Albert lake:- River level below Karuma Falls . . . . . . . .

Examples of Lake

Example #1
But at a later period, when a considerable thickness of sandstone and marl had accumulated, eruptions broke out, and lava and tuff were deposited, at some spots, alternately with the lacustrine strata.
Example #2
It seems that, when the ancient lake of the Limagne first began to be filled with sediment, no volcanic action had yet produced lava and scoriae on any part of the surface of Auvergne.
Example #3
The artificial sea-salt baths and carbon dioxid baths may do some good, but they do not lower the general blood pressure so surely as has been advocated, and probably no great advantage is apt to be derived from such baths.
Example #4
With kidney insufficiency, body hot-air treatment (body-baking), carefully supervised, may greatly benefit a patient who has no dilatation of the heart and who has no serious broken compensation.
Example #5
As you say, it is now your own affair.
Example #6
I intended to tell you when you got back, but after what you said to me that day I was scared you'd tell him.