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Definition of Lancinating

  • Piercing; seeming to pierce or stab; as, lancinating pains (i.e., severe, darting pains.

How to use lancinating in a sentence. Lancinating pronunciation.

She sighed, half with lancinating regret, and half in gentle disdain of that mercurial creature aged less than thirty.
Some pain of a lancinating type occurred in the breast at this time.
There came over me a sense of sickly faintness, accompanied with acute, lancinating pains in the head and neck.
Such men will well understand the lancinating pains of the cancer which was now consuming Athanase; they have gone through those long and bitter deliberations made in presence of some grandiose purpose they had not the means to carry out; they have endured those secret miscarriages in which the fructifying seed of genius falls on arid soil.
The puncture of it is sharp as an electric burn; and the mere hum of it has a lancinating quality of tone which foretells the quality of the pain about to come,- much in the same way that a particular smell suggests a particular taste.

Examples of Lancinating

Example #1
At fifty-one she regarded herself as old.
Example #2
Yes, she used to dash downstairs, like a child, and yet in those days she had thought herself so sedate and mature!
Example #3
Oke speaks of total suppression of urine during seven days, with complete recovery; and Paxon mentions a case in a child that recovered after five days' suppression.
Example #4
There is a modern instance of a person being buried thirty-two days beneath snow, without food.
Example #5
I sank back on the seat and strove in vain to stifle a groan.
Example #6
But now I began to feel the effects of the blow I had received from the splinters of the falling rock more acutely that I had done at first.