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She saw supreme in Constance that quality which she had recognized in the porters at Newhaven on landing-the quality of an honest and naive goodwill, of powerful simplicity.
But she had the revived convalescent's ardour to embrace things positive while they were not knocking at the door; dreams were abhorrent to her, tasteless and innutritious; she cast herself on the flood, relying on his towering strength and mastery of men and events to bring her to some safe landing-the dream of hearts athirst for facts.

Examples of Landing-the

Example #1
She was conscious of an expectation that punishment would instantly fall on this daring, impious child.
Example #2
It was sacrilege that she was witnessing, a prodigious irreverence.
Example #3
CHAPTER VI Alvan was at his writing-table doing stout gladiator's work on paper in a chamber of one of the gaunt hotels of the heights, which are Death's Heads there in Winter and have the tongues in Summer, when a Swiss lad entered with a round grin to tell him that a lady on horseback below had asked for him-Dr.
Example #4
Where she was deluded was in supposing that she would no longer dread his impetuous disposition to turn rosy visions into facts.