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On October 27th she fancied she had labor pains and went to the Lariboisiere Maternite, where, after a careful examination, three fetal poles were elicited, and she was told, to her surprise, of the probability of triplets.
It was the Sisters of Charity, at the Lariboisiere hospital, who, finding that she had a passion for religious ceremonies, had completed her conversion, and convinced her that the Virgin awaited her at Lourdes to cure her.

Examples of Lariboisiere

Example #1
But he persisted, and was attacked by pneumonia three days later which brought him to the verge of the grave, although he ultimately recovered.
Example #2
At Chatham, England, there is a school of submarine mining, in which men are trained to lay torpedoes and complete harbor defense.
Example #3
For five years she had been making the round of the hospitals of Paris, and she spoke familiarly of all the great doctors.
Example #4
And, indeed, it was to the pestilential wool which she had combed in her youth that she ascribed her malady.