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How to use lash-and in a sentence. Lash-and pronunciation.

In a moment her eyes had taken in the situation-the man at the stake, the upraised lash-and Nathaniel.
Others are stripped and hung up by the arms, their feet are tied together, and the end of a heavy piece of timber is put between their legs in order to stretch their bodies, and so prepare them for the torturing lash-and in this situation they are often whipped until their bodies are covered _with blood and mangled flesh_-and in order to add the greatest keenness to their sufferings, their wounds are washed with _liquid salt_!

Examples of Lash-and

Example #1
With a sobbing, breathless cry, she flung herself in front of MacDougall and threw her arms around the kneeling man, her hair covering him in a glistening veil.
Example #2
Within a dozen feet of him stood Strang's wife, her beautiful hair disheveled, her face deadly white, her bosom heaving as if she had been running.
Example #3
It was agreed, on all sides, that, instead of fixing the proportion by ages, as the, report proposed, it would be best to fix the proportion in absolute numbers.
Example #4
He said that he was also in Congress when this article was decided; that the Southern States would have agreed to numbers in preference to the value of land, if half their slaves only should be included; but that the Eastern States would not concur in that proposition.