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As for Mrs. Gerald, because of her indifference to the late Malcolm Gerald, and because she was realizing the dreams of her youth in getting Lester at last-even though a little late-she was intensely happy.
It was a long time before the thread broke, but at last-even emperors are mortal!

Examples of Last-even

Example #1
She could think of nothing finer than this daily life with him-the places they would go, the things they would see.
Example #2
And Jennie would eventually realize that she had done a wise and kindly thing; she would be glad in the consciousness that she had acted so unselfishly.
Example #3
One morning the empress sat down on the side of her husband's bed and began to overwhelm him with loving words and tender caresses.
Example #4
It was a difficult task, but a woman's will can squeeze milk from a stone, a woman's cunning conquers heroes-what force can not accomplish, fair words win, and when these fail, hypocritical tears succeed.