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As for Mrs. Gerald, because of her indifference to the late Malcolm Gerald, and because she was realizing the dreams of her youth in getting Lester at last-even though a little late-she was intensely happy.
The _Moana's_ supposed to sail at one o'clock, but the Eastern mail is late-she won't get away from the dock until about one-thirty; but when she does-" "When she does we'll have a man aboard her to beat Redell to the German steamer," Matt Peasley interrupted.
Thinking, suddenly, that she might remember my face, my first impulse was to fly; but it was too late,-she appeared in the doorway, and our eyes met.
Too late-she knew it well-for any human skill to arrest those symptoms; no earthly care and love could preserve that cherished life much longer!

Examples of Late-she

Example #1
She could think of nothing finer than this daily life with him-the places they would go, the things they would see.
Example #2
And Jennie would eventually realize that she had done a wise and kindly thing; she would be glad in the consciousness that she had acted so unselfishly.
Example #3
Gus Redell is leaving on the _Moana_ to bid her in at the government sale-the young scoundrel told me all about it and twitted me because we were asleep on the job and let the good thing get away from us.
Example #4
I've just been given a low-down on her condition.
Example #5
I know not which of us blushed deepest.
Example #6
Though Madame de Mortsauf had spoken only one word at the ball, I recognized her voice, which entered my soul and filled it as a ray of sunshine fills and gilds a prisoner's dungeon.