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Definition of Lateen-rigged

  • rigged with a triangular (lateen sail).

How to use lateen-rigged in a sentence. Lateen-rigged pronunciation.

It was a swift-sailing lateen-rigged felucca, one of those crafts that are common enough in Eastern waters, especially in the Levant.
The lateen-rigged corsairs had been banished from their lairs in the harbors of Algiers, and ships needed to show no broadsides of cannon in the Atlantic trade.
Then, one morning, I woke up to find the lugger at anchor in one of the ports of Northern Spain, with dawn just breaking over the olive-trees, and one or two large, queer-looking, lateen-rigged boats, xebecs from Africa, lying close to us.

Examples of Lateen-rigged

Example #1
She spread a tremendous amount of canvas; and leaping through the sea with the pace of a dolphin, came up with the doomed merchantman hand over hand.
Example #2
No sooner had the shades of evening begun to fall than a long low suspicious-looking vessel crept out from the lee of the land, and followed right in the track of the _Muscadine_, as if in chase of the English ship.
Example #3
For a time they carried the old armament among the lawless islands of the Orient and off Spanish-American coasts where the vocation of piracy made its last stand, but the great trade routes of the globe were peaceful highways for the white-winged fleets of all nations.
Example #4
On the hither side of 1812 were seas unvexed by the privateer and the freebooter.
Example #5
One of them was flying a red flag, and I noticed that our own boat was alongside of her.
Example #6
Towards the end of the passage, when the weather had grown brighter and hotter, I began to wonder how much further we were going.