Laughed-and in a sentence

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How to use laughed-and in a sentence. Laughed-and pronunciation.

The paper hanger's youthful face was curiously attractive when he laughed-and otherwise, more or less.
So, Margaret laughed-and Arkwright shivered.
Wonderful to him-sometimes she laughed-and it seemed the sound was a ghost of childhood pleasure.

Examples of Laughed-and

Example #1
He said: "I came to paper this library because Mr. Carr was in a hurry, and I was the only man in the shop.
Example #2
I didn't want to come.
Example #3
If one did not die under such outrages, but continued to live and let live, one could save the situation only by laughing.
Example #4
First, Craig's impudent assumption that she loved him, and his rude violation of her lips; now, this frank insolence of insult, the more savage that it was unconscious-and from the oldest and closest of her men friends.
Example #5
When he stopped to consider that she might fall in love with him he drove the thought from him.
Example #6
When he realized that his folly had become sweet and that the sweetness imperiously drew him, he likewise cast off that thought.