Laughed-the in a sentence

The word "laughed-the" in a example sentences. Learn the definition of laughed-the and how to use it in a sentence.

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How to use laughed-the in a sentence. Laughed-the pronunciation.

She laughed,-the sweet, low laugh that somehow chilled his blood while it charmed his hearing.
Natalie laughed-the soft laughter with which women choke back tears.
She laughed-the nightingale notes of her merriment bubbled into my ears caressingly-why could I not shut my eyes and listen to them?

Examples of Laughed-the

Example #1
Without waiting for her answer, he threw himself down beside her and caught her hand in his. "Shall I paint your picture?
Example #2
She had seated herself on a silken divan, and her head rested against a pile of richly-embroidered cushions.
Example #3
She put up her hands and drew Lewis's head against her breast.
Example #4
Then I'll love you," said Lewis, gravely.
Example #5
Her color rose; her face grew animated.
Example #6
I diverged to general topics, and got brilliant and amusing.