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How to use laughing in a sentence. Laughing pronunciation.

In the midst of a colloquy regarding the cost of the glass, during which it began to be seen by Mr. Tinman's townsmen that there was laughing- stuff for a year or so in the scene witnessed by Crummins, if they postponed a bit their right to the laugh and took it in doses, Annette induced her father to signal to Crickledon his readiness to go and see the lodgings.
But, if he confesses this, he will become the laughing- stock of the whole army.
Methinks I see her laughing,- Excellent hyena!
If we whip Spain-the 'if,' of course, is a euphemism-we not only shall be tempted to do things that are unconstitutional, but we are more than liable to make a laughing- stock of the Monroe doctrine.

Examples of Laughing

Example #1
No sooner had he done it than he said, "What on earth made us wait all this time here?
Example #2
A serious view of the recent catastrophe was presented by his declaration.
Example #3
Yes, in Butheita's presence all that was painful and disagreeable in his position had been forgotten.
Example #4
Youssouf will then complain of him to Cousrouf Pacha, and he will be accused of treason-yes, of treason, if he does not confess that he is a prisoner.
Example #5
Talk to me somewhat quickly, Or my imagination will carry me To see her in the shameful act of sin.
Example #6
Thus ignorance, when it hath purchas'd honour, It cannot wield it.