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But it so happened that when later, and a little while before he took his leave, Helen, at his request, was playing a favourite air of his, Lady Lausmere, who had been seated between him and Violante, left the room, and Violante turned quickly towards Harley.
In these times the aristocracy must endear themselves to the middle and working class; and a member in office has much to give away in the Stamps and Excise, in the Customs, the Post Office, and other State departments in this rotten old-I mean this magnificent empire, by which he can benefit his constituents, and reconcile the prerogatives of aristocracy with the claims of the people,-more especially in this case, the people of the borough of Lausmere.
But all the town knows that Audley Egerton and Richard Avenel are the members for Lausmere.

Examples of Lausmere

Example #1
He spoke much to Helen, scarcely at all to Violante.
Example #2
That evening, Harley had dined at his father's.
Example #3
Works so eloquent had induced him to select from the tracts in the tinker's miscellany those which abounded most in professions of philanthropy, and predictions of some coming Golden Age, to which old Saturn's was a joke,-tracts so mild and mother-like in their language, that it required a much more practical experience than Lenny's to perceive that you would have to pass a river of blood before you had the slightest chance of setting foot on the flowery banks on which they invited you to repose; tracts which rouged poor Christianity on the cheeks, clapped a crown of innocent daffodillies on her head, and set her to dancing a pas de zephyr in the pastoral ballet in which Saint-Simon pipes to the flock he shears; or having first laid it down as a preliminary axiom that- "The cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces, The solemn temples, the great globe itself,- Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve," substituted in place thereof M. Fourier's symmetrical phalanstere, or Mr. Owen's architectural parallelogram.
Example #4
On the other hand, those rabid little tracts, which dealt so summarily with the destinies of the human race, even when his growing reason and the perusal of works more classical or more logical had led him to perceive that they were illiterate, and to suspect that they jumped from premises to conclusions with a celerity very different from the careful ratiocination of mechanical science, had still, in the citations and references wherewith they abounded, lured him on to philosophers more specious and more perilous.
Example #5
Has she consented to accept you?
Example #6
But how do you stand now with the marchesa?