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You and I can look at them and think of that cousin of Aunt Lavinia's spending the rest of her fortune.
Aunt Lavinia's left us that lovely house, hasn't she?
Aunt Lavinia's will had changed their position in life, so Serena had said.
On the very day of their return from the Boston trip Serena had begun to discuss the visit to Scarford, the visit of inspection to Aunt Lavinia's "estate.
There were oil paintings on the walls, paintings which foreign dealers, recognizing Aunt Lavinia's art craving as a gift of Providence-to them-had sold her at high prices.
Aunt Lavinia's likeness, staring stonily and paintily from the wall, seemed to regard him with disapproval, almost as if she were reading his thoughts.
Mrs. Dott explained that Hapgood was one of Aunt Lavinia's old servants.
Now that "Tacks" had become Mr. Percy Hungerford, Aunt Lavinia's cousin and his own distant relative, the dislike was only partially abated.
And, I think, considering how he was treated in Aunt Lavinia's will, it was awfully nice of him to come at all.
He saw her off on the train and then moped drearily back to Aunt Lavinia's mansion, which he was now beginning to hate, and, seating himself in the library, tried to find interest in a novel.
He was Aunt Lavinia's second cousin, or something like that, but she was only your aunt by marriage.
In the library she took a book-one of Aunt Lavinia's legacies-from the shelf and tried to read, but that was impossible.
Mr Sampson became thoughtfully red, and felt called upon to encircle Miss Lavinia's waist with his arm; but, encountering a large pin in the young lady's belt, scarified a finger, uttered a sharp exclamation, and attracted the lightning of Mrs Wilfer's glare.
Lavinia's engineering having made this crooked opening at Bella, Mrs Wilfer strode into it.
Mr Sampson immediately expressed his fervent Opinion that this was 'more than human', and was brought upon his knees at Miss Lavinia's feet.
His noble nephew here in virtue's nest, That died in honour and Lavinia's cause.
And plead my passions for Lavinia's love.
There serve your lust, shadowed from heaven's eye, And revel in Lavinia's treasury.
Against the motions of the heav'n, that roll'd Consenting with its course, when he of yore, Lavinia's spouse, was leader of the flight, A hundred years twice told and more, his seat At Europe's extreme point, the bird of Jove Held, near the mountains, whence he issued first.
My aunt, with whom she gradually became familiar, always called her Little Blossom; and the pleasure of Miss Lavinia's life was to wait upon her, curl her hair, make ornaments for her, and treat her like a pet child.

Examples of Lavinia

Example #1
No wonder she didn't leave him the tea-pot; precious little tea he drinks, if stories we hear are true.
Example #2
Gertie can keep on with her college.
Example #3
We've got it on our hands, haven't we?
Example #4
I don't say I do mean it, either.
Example #5
She had said other things, also, and he was beginning, dimly, to realize what they might mean.
Example #6
He was thinking, and thinking hard.