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The basis of all their conclusions is that the acquisition of knowledge of phenomena is according to a fixed, invariable law,—a law mathematically exact in its operation through the senses.
The question is of utmost importance both theoretically and practically, for the law—whatever it be—is a _natural_ law—a law of human nature—a law of the time-binding energy of man.
In other words, the natural law of human progress—the natural law of amelioration in human affairs—the fundamental law of human nature—the basic law of the time-binding energy peculiar to man—is a Logarithmic law—a law of logarithmic increase.
In all comic metres the gulping of short syllables, and the abbreviation of syllables ordinarily long by the rapid pronunciation of eagerness and vehemence, are not so much a license as a law,—a faithful copy of nature, and let them be read characteristically, the times will be found nearly equal.

Examples of Law—a

Example #1
During my visit to London and Paris last year I had many talks with the materialistic philosophers of Europe.
Example #2
We must not look for truth in the deeds and actions of nations; we must investigate truth at its divine source and summon all mankind to unity in the reality itself.
Example #3
What is the natural law of human advancements in all great matters of human concern?
Example #4
And what is the natural law of the increase?
Example #5
I beg the reader not to let the term bewilder him but to make it his own.
Example #6
We have already noted the law of arithmetical progression and the law of geometric progression; we have seen the immense difference between them; and we have seen that the natural law of human progress in each and every cardinal matter is a law like that of a rapidly increasing geometric progression.