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Definition of Layered

  • arranged in layers.

How to use layered in a sentence. Layered pronunciation.

That triple question might well be asked by one who breathed the odor of that poverty, who saw the greasy spots upon the papers yellow with smoke, the blackened ceilings, the dusty windows with their casement panes, the discolored floor-bricks, the wainscots layered with a sort of sticky glaze.
This curious tree cannot be raised from seed or cutting, neither can it be layered; it can only propagate itself in Nature's own fashion, and the seed must pass through the body of a bird before it will germinate.
Feed it holiday popcorn on the throne; And close the drapes that the cat, Aten Had opened by its tugging, And will open again: Opening below Where the woman, statue of her liberty Wedged in a mud layered hill of snow Ankle-thrusts The tilt of her body after a moment of standing still: Face looking in the trash receptacle that her flabby Breasts rest on the rim of and point toward; head bowed To the tin; And mind distinguishing between good and Bad trash.

Examples of Layered

Example #1
A damp chill came from the chimneys with their mantels of painted stone, surmounted by mirrors in panels of the style of the seventeenth century.
Example #2
Was it a miser, was it an artist dying in penury, was it a cynic to whom the world was naught, or some religious soul detached from life, who had occupied this apartment?
Example #3
So it is fortunate, being the important article of commerce it is, that the supply of trees is not failing.
Example #4
Monte Diavolo is the only part of Jamaica where there are wild parrots; it is also the home of the allspice tree, or pimento, as it is called in the island.
Example #5
Her hands raise from the snow-blended Mixture to push back the hair that was intimate with trash.
Example #6
Masking tape From hurricane threats Remains at the edges of windowpanes; Palm trees, below, are hybrid to cement; Thuc Nguyen's business report figures Blend and bury themselves as distant sounds; The staff meeting and this cigarette industry are gone.