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It was not an English frigate, as might have been supposed, from the observation of the pirate chief, but one of those despatch vessels that we usually keep in eastern waters in attendance on our Mediterranean fleet; and being a steamer, of course she could arrest her progress, and remain in proximity to the _Muscadine_ without the necessity of laying-to like a sailing-ship, or any trouble save slacking speed.
Then they all climbed into the ship, and sitting well in order on the benches, smote the sea with their oars, laying-to right lustily, that they might the sooner get away from the accursed land.
Passed a ship laying-to under a close-reefed maintopsail....
Captain Pomery here was in two minds about laying-to and waiting for a breeze; but a light slant of wind encouraged him to carry the _Gauntlet_ through.

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But another savage dig of the pistol improved his articulation, and he shouted out, as loud almost as if he had a speaking-trumpet like the officer who had hailed them.
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Nor did they lament for those that had died, though they were fain to do so, for Ulysses forbade, fearing lest the noise of their weeping should betray them to the giant, where they were.
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Right glad were those that had abode by the ship to see them.
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Split all three topsails and had to heave to....
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Her log records her exploits in such entries as these: "Passed a ship under double reefs, we with our royals and studdingsails set....