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How to use left-nothing in a sentence. Left-nothing pronunciation.

Not a weed, not a stick, not a clod of earth, was left-nothing but a great, rocky ravine, washed bare and clean.
There are already too many of us; nowadays everyone at Lourdes sells 'religious articles,' to such an extent, in fact, that there will soon be no butchers or wine merchants left-nothing but bread to eat and water to drink.
He felt about on the right, and on the left,-nothing.
Tush, he must be beheading right and left!-Nothing of the sort; he is all against capital punishment, and will have none of it.

Examples of Left-nothing

Example #1
Edna Markham stepped suddenly forward and seized the captain by the arm.
Example #2
Even the vines and bushes which had been growing up the sides of the stream were all gone.
Example #3
Our business was a poor one last year owing to them.
Example #4
For my part, of course, I don't go and ask for a share of the money which they make by their masses, or a percentage on the presents which they receive, so why should they start selling what I sell?
Example #5
He felt about in front and at the back,-nothing.
Example #6
He felt about close by it,-nothing.