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At first it was naive, and what was chiefly considered was the quantity and quality of the gifts; afterwards it became legal,-the scrupulous fulfilment of the law, that is, of the prescribed ritual, was what was looked to before everything.
This marriage, which Nora darkly hinted she had been led to believe was fraudulent, might, after all, have been legal,-the ceremony concealed, even till now, by worldly shame at disparity of rank.

Examples of Legal-the

Example #1
Was there then, apart from this, strictly speaking, no material difference?
Example #2
To answer this question our researches must be carried further afield, after some preliminary observations have been made in order to fix our position.
Example #3
But in this here willage there ben't a man, woman, or child as has any consarn for squire or parish, barring myself.
Example #4
We have known danger together; and of all his friends and followers, I alone came with him to the stranger's land.