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How to use legem in a sentence. Legem pronunciation.

They neither invited us to eat or drink; but, with a multiplied train of scrapes and cringes, said they were all at our service for the Legem pone.
Capitula Addita ad Legem Alemannorum, 30.
Capitula addita ad legem Alemannorum, 29.
The words are "Quis legem det amantibus?
In a memorable duel at Aix-la-Chapelle, (A.D. 820,) before the emperor Lewis the Pious, his biographer observes, secundum legem propriam, utpote quia uterque Gothus erat, equestri pugna est, (Vit. Lud.
Ratio namque distinguendi legem accentuum saepe conturbat.
Is a king less irritable than baron, knight, franklin, and priest,-or rather, being, as it were, per legem, lord of all, hath he not irritability eno' for all four?
Legem pone_. Teach me, O Lord, the way of thy statutes: and I shall keep it unto the end.

Examples of Legem

Example #1
For even as arms are weak abroad, if there be not counsel at home, so is that study vain and counsel unprofitable which in a due and convenient time is not by virtue executed and put in effect.
Example #2
But seeing such is my fatal destiny, that I should be now disquieted by those in whom I trusted most, I am forced to call thee back to help the people and goods which by the right of nature belong unto thee.
Example #3
For all these, see Lex Wisigothorum, iii, 6, 1 and 2.
Example #4
Langobard_, i, 21: secunda autem (sc.
Example #5
Lex Saxonum, viii, 2. [343] Cf.
Example #6
Lex Wisigothorum, iv, 2, 13.