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Definition of Leisure

  • Freedom from occupation or business; vacant time; time free from employment.
  • Time at one's command, free from engagement; convenient opportunity; hence, convenience; ease.
  • Unemployed; as, leisure hours.
  • freedom to choose a pastime or enjoyable activity
  • time available for ease and relaxation

How to use leisure in a sentence. Leisure pronunciation.

Cobb wore the usual garb of his leisure hours, which was better than that in which he had called the other day at "Runnymede.
The struggle of two social streams, the anti-reform and post-reform stream, the struggle of two generations; the old brought up on aesthetical idealism for which the leisure of the nobility, made possible by their rights over the peasants, afforded such a fertile soil; and the young generation which was carried away by realism and negation,-this is what made up the essence of the movement of the epoch in the sixties.
Nor was his soul without bitterness when he reflected on their fortunate circumstances which enabled them to write, correct, and polish at leisure, and give to the public only the last refinement of their work.
The men, women, and children are represented as utterly brutalised by toil; in their rare moments of leisure, they fight and beat each other unmercifully, and even the little children get dead drunk.
Is it possible that wealth, comfort, independence, and leisure have extinguished his original force?
After this duty was attended to, I still had a short time of leisure, of which I availed myself to witness the sad ceremony and bid a last adieu to the brave warrior whose death I had witnessed.
The acclamations of the people which resounded on their Majesties' route, the houses hung with garlands and drapery, the banners streaming from the windows, the long line of carriages, the trappings and accouterments of which progressively increased in magnificence, following each other as in the order of a hierarchy, this immense paraphernalia of a fete which inspired true feeling and hopes for the future-all this is profoundly engraved on my memory, and often occupies the long leisure hours of the old servitor of a family which has disappeared.
Each one explained in his own way the coolness which the young Empress showed to this lady; and there were several reasons assigned for this, all more or less untrue, though the leisure moments of the ladies of the palace were much occupied with it.
The only books in the room were a few show-volumes, which belonged to Arthur Peachey, and half-a-dozen novels of the meaner kind, wherewith Ada sometimes beguiled her infinite leisure.
They were the daughters of a Camberwell builder, lately deceased; to each of them had fallen a patrimony just sufficient for their support in elegant leisure.
Her aim, at present, was to become a graduate of London University; she was toiling in her leisure hours-the hours of exhaustion, that is to say-to prepare herself for matriculation, which she hoped to achieve in the coming winter.
From chambers in Staple Inn, Lionel Tarrant looked forth upon the laborious world with a dainty enjoyment of his own limitless leisure.
A call from some stray Hodiernal would be very unseasonable this Monday afternoon; but probably they were all enjoying their elegant leisure in regions remote from town.
When he took a holiday at the seaside, unwonted leisure and novel circumstances prompted him to address local editors at considerable length.
The nurse-girl Emma, retained in spite of her mistress's malice, still seemed to discharge her duties faithfully; but, being mortal, she demanded intervals of leisure from time to time, and at such seasons, as Peachey too well knew, the child was uncared for.
Peachey could not be said to have any leisure.
For a few days there would be no servant; Mary, after her long leisure down in Cornwall, enjoyed the prospect of doing all the work herself.
The girl's departure was a relief; but in the silence that followed upon silly talk, she had leisure to contemplate this risk, hitherto scarce taken into account.
You feel you are among people who tub o' mornings and know the meaning of leisure.
Leisure you must have; but for Heaven's sake don't waste it.

Examples of Leisure

Example #1
For some minutes they walked towards Streatham Common without interchange of a word, and with no glance at each other.
Example #2
She had, indeed, dressed herself in her least demonstrative costume.
Example #3
In our days, when the period of development pointed at by Turgenev in his celebrated novel is almost entirely lived through, we can only wonder at that deep insight with which the author had guessed the fundamental characteristic in that life movement which had celebrated that period.
Example #4
Turgenev with the instinct of genius saw through this fundamental movement in life and imaged it in living bright pictures with all its positive and negative, pathetic and humorous sides.
Example #5
In the novel "Downtrodden and Oppressed" Natasha asks the young writer if he has finished his composition.
Example #6
Indeed, he was always measuring himself with these two men, and they were never long out of his mind.