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How to use lenochka in a sentence. Lenochka pronunciation.

Lenochka stretched out her hand from the window, but Orlando suddenly reared and shied.
Lenochka stretched out her hand a second time, and timidly touched the quivering nostrils of Orlando, who champed his bit, and kept incessantly fidgeting.
Panshine bowed in an engaging manner to all the occupants of the room; shook hands with Maria Dmitrievna and Elizaveta Mikhailovna, lightly tapped Gedeonovsky on the shoulder, and, turning on his heels, took Lenochka's head between his hands and kissed her on the forehead.
Lenochka kept her eyes fixed on the singer with childish reverence.
Lenochka, go up-stairs with Monsieur Lemm.
From up-stairs there came the feeble sound of scales, played by Lenochka's uncertain fingers.
At this moment Lenochka appeared at the door, accompanied by a maid-servant.
It was settled that Lenochka and Shurochka should go.
There he and Liza strolled along one of the alleys, while Lenochka and Shurochka played around the flower-pots at a little distance from them.
And if your God-" At that moment Lavretsky became aware that Lenochka and Shurochka were standing by Liza's side, and were staring at him with intense astonishment.
He seated Liza and her companion Lenochka, in the carriage, gave away all the change he had about him to the beggars, and then strolled slowly home.
I grieve to leave you, I grieve for mamma and for Lenochka; but there is no help for it.
Lenochka, who had grown into a pretty and graceful girl; her betrothed, a flaxen locked officer of hussars; Maria Dmitrievna's son, who had only recently married at St. Petersburg, and had now arrived with his young bride to spend the spring in O.; his wife's sister, a sixteen-year-old Institute-girl, with clear eyes and rosy cheeks; and Shurochka, who had also grown up and turned out pretty-these were the young people who made the walls of the Kalitine house resound with laughter and with talk.
On the evening of which we are about to speak, the inmates of the Kalitine house, of whom the eldest, Lenochka's betrothed, was not more than four-and-twenty, had taken to playing a game which was not of a very complicated nature, but which seemed to be very amusing to them, to judge by their happy laughter,-that of running about the rooms, and trying to catch each other.
Lenochka, as his old acquaintance, was the first to name herself, assuring him that, if she had had a very little more time, she would most certainly have recognized him; and then she introduced all the rest of the company to him, giving them all, her betrothed included, their familiar forms of name.
Lenochka blushed a little. "But would Fedor Ivanovich like-at his age-" she began stammering.

Examples of Lenochka

Example #1
But its rider, who took its proceedings very quietly, gripped the saddle firmly with his knees, laid his whip across the horse's neck, and forced it, in spite of its resistance, to return to the window, "_Prenez garde, prenez garde_," Maria Dmitrievna kept calling out.
Example #2
The horse neighed, pawed the air, and tossed the foam from its nostrils.
Example #3
The rider wheeled his horse sharply round, drove the spurs into its sides, rode down the street at a hand gallop, and turned into the court-yard.
Example #4
As to Maria Dmitrievna herself, she thought there was nobody in the world to be compared with him.
Example #5
To Maria Dmitrievna's house he had obtained access as soon as he arrived in O., and he soon made himself thoroughly at home in it.