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How to use leonard-and in a sentence. Leonard-and pronunciation.

Then Judith married a man named Leonard-Peter Leonard-and went to Nebraska at a time when Nebraska was harder to reach than California is now.
Randal raised his brows in surprise, and with a smile slightly supercilious-the smile stung Leonard-and with a slow step, Randal left the passage, and took his way towards Grosvenor Square.

Examples of Leonard-and

Example #1
That was long before the Civil War and during those frontier days Aunt Judith and Uncle Peter evidently were tossed about to the limit of their endurance.
Example #2
Her letters came less and less often and they always told of some new grief-the death of a child or the loss of some piece of property.
Example #3
The Entrance of Ambition was clear to him.
Example #4
Then his glance ran over Leonard's dress, which was somewhat dust-stained, but far above the class amongst which the peasant was born.