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How to use lepero in a sentence. Lepero pronunciation.

All at once I became conscious of being under the surveillance of a large and very fierce-looking lepero, a regular pelado, who followed us with his eyes, and sometimes _in persona_, to every part of the room.
The leperos, who now half-filled the room, stimulated by wine, jealousy, old hatreds, and the dance, began to look more savage and sulky.
The leperos with the women, had all disappeared, and I could perceive that the Americanos had carried the day.
We encounter the same brown adobes everywhere; the same villainous-looking leperos lounging at the corners; the same bare-legged, slippered wenches; the same strings of belaboured donkeys; the same shrill and detestable cries.

Examples of Lepero

Example #1
The expression of his swarth face was a mixture of jealousy and vengeance, which my partner noticed, but, as I thought, took no pains to soften down.
Example #2
As her igneous eyes softened my heart, and the champagne was producing a similar effect upon my head, I began to speculate on the propriety of transferring the diamond from the smallest of my fingers to the largest of hers, which it would, no doubt, have fitted exactly.
Example #3
The fringed hunting-shirts and brown homespun frocks found favour with the dark-eyed majas of Mexico, partly out of a respect for, and a fear of, courage, which is often at the bottom of a love like theirs.
Example #4
The trappers and teamsters had become noisy and riotous.
Example #5
Several dark objects lay along the floor: they were bodies of men dead or dying!
Example #6
Some of them were advocating the justice of the "spree," as they termed it; while others, the more respectable of the traders, were denouncing it.