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How to use lepsius in a sentence. Lepsius pronunciation.

I have devised it according to my best powers after yours and Lepsius’ system.
A transliteration alphabet, for explaining the signs employed,” would be a good precursor to yours and Lepsius’ scientific work.
Venn will print nothing of yours, and will not even send Lepsius’ Essay to the missionaries, that they may not be driven mad.

Examples of Lepsius

Example #1
And now I must ask you to examine the inclosed system of transliteration.
Example #2
At the same time, I am reading the translation of the three “Kings,” and transliterate some passages.
Example #3
We shall do well to employ in the text as few technical letters as possible.
Example #4
You understand what we want.
Example #5
Thirty-two men are day and night printing, composing, correcting, etc.
Example #6
George goes with me, instead of Ernest.