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Sergeant Alois Weischaar, Company A, Sergeant William Eyder, Company G, Private Lewis Kastner, Company A. Private Joe Seman, Company B, Private Abram Greenberg, Company C. Private Joseph Hoft, Company D, Private O'Connor L. Jones, Company D, Private Louis Misiak, Company E, Private George C. Murray, Company F, Private John Bremer, Company G, Private Fred H. Chase, Company H, Private Martin Pyne, Company H, will report to Lieut.
But the passing of a hundred years brought no relief, concessions granted to others were still denied to the children of those who had been the first "protestants" against religious slavery and corruption, and in 1722 a small company of descendants of the ancient Unitas Fratrum slipped over the borders of Moravia, and went to Saxony, Nicholas Lewis, Count Zinzendorf, having given them permission to sojourn on his estates until they could find suitable homes elsewhere.
Your brother and servant, Lewis Count v. Zinzendorf.
At Herrnhut the estates of Count Zinzendorf, under the able supervision of the Countess, were made to pay practically all the general Church expenses, and many of the members were in the service of the Saxon nobleman, Nicholas Lewis, Count Zinzendorf, in various humble positions, even while in the Church he divested himself of his rank and fraternized with them as social equals.
Hans Christian Alexander von Schweinitz died Feb. 26th, 1802, the title to the Savannah Lots passing by will to Christian Lewis Benzien, of Salem, North Carolina, who however requested Cunow to continue to look after them.
The leaders in this movement were the great antagonists of Clay and Webster,-a new class of politicians, like Benton, Amos Kendall, Martin Van Buren, Duff Green, W.B. Lewis, and others.
It is generally supposed that he furnished the rough drafts to his few intimate friends, who recast and polished them, while some think that William Lewis, Amos Kendall, and others wrote the whole of them, as well as all his public papers.
Edward Livingston of Louisiana, who wrote most of Jackson's documents when he commanded in New Orleans, was made Secretary of State, Louis McLane of Delaware, Secretary of the Treasury; Lewis Cass, governor for nineteen years of Michigan, Secretary of War; Levi Woodbury of New Hampshire, Secretary of the Navy; Roger B. Taney of Maryland, Attorney-General,-all distinguished for abilities.
The confidential advisers of the President were Amos Kendall, afterwards Postmaster-General; Duff Green, a Democratic editor; Isaac Hill, a violent partisan, who edited a paper in Concord, New Hampshire, and was made second auditor of the treasury; and William B. Lewis, an old friend of the general in Tennessee,-all able men, but unscrupulous politicians, who enjoyed power rather than the display of it.
Matthew Gregory Lewis, who professed to have translated this romance out of the German, very much, I believe, as Horace Walpole professed to have taken The Castle of Otranto from an old Italian manuscript, was born in 1775 of a wealthy family.
From Westminster School, M. G. Lewis passed to Christ Church, Oxford.
With his mind thus interested in literature of the romantic form, young Lewis, aged seventeen, after a summer in Paris, went to Germany, settled for a time at Weimar, and, as he told his mother, knocked his brains against German as hard as ever he could.
Certainly, Lewis did not trouble himself to keep probability in view; he amused himself with wild play of a fancy that delighted in the wonderful.
The controversy over The Monk caused the young author to be known as Monk Lewis, and the word Monk has to this day taken the place of the words Matthew Gregory so generally, that many catalogue-makers must innocently suppose him to have been so named at the font.
Of the origin of this tragedy Lewis gave a characteristic account.
In 1805 Lewis recast it into a melodrama, which he called Rugantino.
In this situation he was suddenly assailed by a Tory captain, named Lewis, at the head of a small party.
Lewis was armed with a musket, and in the act of firing, when a sudden shot from the woods tumbled him from his horse, in the very moment when his own gun was discharged.
The bullet of Lewis took effect on Horry's horse.

Examples of Lewi

Example #1
J. T. Thompson, ordnance officer, for duty in connection with the Gatling Gun Battery.
Example #2
John H. Parker, 13th Infantry.
Example #3
Hearing that they had reached a place of safety, other Moravians took their lives in their hands and followed, risking the imprisonment and torture which were sure to follow an unsuccessful attempt to leave a province, the Government of which would neither allow them to be happy at home nor to sacrifice everything and go away.
Example #4
In the home lands there were many who held secretly, tenaciously, desperately, to the doctrines they loved, "in hope against hope" that the great oppression would be lifted.
Example #5
At this time one of the Elders at Herrnhut.
Example #6
Our dear Elder (Spangenberg) will quickly return from America, and in his absence I commit you to the mighty grace of God.