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How to use lieut-general in a sentence. Lieut-general pronunciation.

Permit me to say that the hours you may fix upon for this will be agreeable to me, and the same privilege will be extended to such parties as you may wish to send out on the same duty without further application. U. S. GRANT, Lieut.-General.
Yours truly, U. S. GRANT, Lieut.-General.

Examples of Lieut-general

Example #1
Commanding Army, N. Va. The knowledge that wounded men are now suffering from want of attention, between the two armies, compels me to ask a suspension of hostilities for sufficient time to collect them in, say two hours.
Example #2
COLD HARBOR, VA, June 6, 1864.
Example #3
Be this as it may, we did not enter at that time.
Example #4
General Scott abstained from entering the city at this time, because Mr. Nicholas P. Trist, the commissioner on the part of the United States to negotiate a treaty of peace with Mexico, was with the army, and either he or General Scott thought-probably both of them-that a treaty would be more possible while the Mexican government was in possession of the capital than if it was scattered and the capital in the hands of an invader.