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It was the block of marble-rude and unpolished it may have been-from which was sculptured the life-breathing statue.[52] Speculative Masonry (which is but another name for Freemasonary in its modern acceptation) may be briefly defined as the scientific application and the religious consecration of the rules and principles, the language, the implements and materials of operative Masonry to the veneration of God, the purification of the heart, and the inculcation of the dogmas of a religious philosophy.
In fact, there could have been no life-breathing atmosphere until the earlier land vegetation had whipped out its more destructive elements, and paved the way, in necessary conditions, for the appearance of air-breathing animals.
She lifted up her face to his, and the full life-breathing lips met the wasted dying ones in a sacred kiss of promise.

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But operative Masonry was, in the inception of our history, and is, in some measure, even now, the skeleton upon which was strung the living muscles, and tendons, and nerves of the speculative system.
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Even now, there are thousands of skilful artisans who know as little of that as they do of the Hebrew language which was spoken by its founder.
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Hence the command for the earth to bring forth both marine and land vegetation-the vegetation of the earth-before there was any similar command respecting either marine or land forms of organic life.
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This appeared and flourished throughout the Devonian period, if not anterior to it, and long before the appearance of batrachian reptiles and other low air-breathing forms of life.
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It soon came-the blessed day of deliverance, the sad day of bereavement; and in the second week of March they carried him to the grave.
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She was waiting with trembling eagerness for anything else he might have to say.