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Definition of Light-winged

  • Having light and active wings; volatile; fleeting.

How to use light-winged in a sentence. Light-winged pronunciation.

And so, although the light-winged craft that was following the ship sailed three feet to her two; yet she had such a long start, and the breeze was so fair and dead aft-which was all in favour of a square-rigged vessel and against a fore-and-after, that sails best with the wind abeam-that the felucca was still some five miles off when day broke and the chief mate first discovered her.
Early, one fair dawn, The light-winged spirit of his youth returned On Arthur's heart; he armed himself and went, So coming to the fountain-side beheld Balin and Balan sitting statuelike, Brethren, to right and left the spring, that down, From underneath a plume of lady-fern, Sang, and the sand danced at the bottom of it.
Thereat, a light-winged arrow, unespied, Whirred on the wind.
The moment you are well awake, you find you are twice as good as new, and after breakfast, if you are sagacious, no one belonging to you will have any peace until you are striking out into the woods again,-the green, murmurous woods, tenanted by innumerable hosts of butterflies in their sunny outskirts, light-winged Psyches hovering in the warm, rich air, stained and spotted and splashed with every bright hue of yellow and scarlet and russet, set off against brilliant blacks and whites; dark, cool woods carpeted with mosses thick, soft, voluptuous with the silent tribute of ages, and in their luxurious depths your willing feet are cushioned,-more blessed than feet of Persian princess crushing her woven lilies and roses; the tender, sweet-scented woods lighted with bright wood-sorrel, and fragrant with dews and damps;-to the Garnet pool, perhaps, first, where the water has rounded out a basin in the rock, and with incessant whirls and eddies has hollowed numerous little sockets, smooth and regular, till you could fancy yourself looking upon the remains of a petrified, sprawling, and half-submerged monster.

Examples of Light-winged

Example #1
He was not alone in his discovery either, for he noticed that a part of the watch were looking over the bulwarks at the approaching vessel, and from their gesticulations and rapid speech in their own language he thought something was up.
Example #2
A stern-chase is proverbially a long one.
Example #3
His Baron said 'We go but harken: there be two strange knights Who sit near Camelot at a fountain-side, A mile beneath the forest, challenging And overthrowing every knight who comes.
Example #4
And lightly so returned, and no man knew.
Example #5
It missed the warrior's heart, But pierced his hand, and pinned it to his side, And, entering, clave the lung, and with a gasp he died.
Example #6
There, slain by Capys, poor Privernus lay, Grazed by Themilla's javelin; with a start The madman flung his trusty shield away, And clapped his left hand to the wounded part, Fain, as he thought, to ease him of the smart.