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How to use lips-how in a sentence. Lips-how pronunciation.

He was still inspecting the horizon, the cigarette depending from his lips-how DID he keep it alight?
But there is a something which recalls a smile that faded away from my sister's lips-how many years ago!
I have wondered a thousand times since how it was that no cry escaped my lips-how it was that none of the cold, sick horror that filled my whole heart and soul did not find vent in words.

Examples of Lips-how

Example #1
Mr. Keith, I am sure you did not mean to insult me.
Example #2
She said: "Mr. Keith, I am sure you did not mean to insult me.
Example #3
I thought it so pleasant in her, that I love myself better for having a trace of it.
Example #4
The mother's eyebrow and grayish-blue eye, those I knew I had.
Example #5
At first my attention was concentrated on the golden hair, the blue dress, the white flowers; then slowly, as though following some irresistible magnetic attraction, my eyes were raised to her face, and remained fixed there.
Example #6
To this moment I cannot tell.