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How to use listening-listening in a sentence. Listening-listening pronunciation.

Now, in the utter darkness, he found himself listening-listening...
In these then, the favourite incidents of Giorgione's school, music or the musical intervals in our existence, life itself is conceived as a sort of listening-listening to music, to the reading of Bandello's novels, to the sound of water, to time as it flies.
Colin kept lifting his thin chest to draw it in, and his big eyes looked as if it were they which were listening-listening, instead of his ears.
He found himself listening-listening with sick and terrible earnestness, trying to hear against the thrum and beat of his heart, straining to catch a sound in all that cold, star-blanched, silent valley.

Examples of Listening-listening

Example #1
He had learnt, during his duties in Block A, that each of the minute suites was rendered sound-proof in some way, so that what took place in one would be inaudible to the occupant of the next, provided that both doors were closed.
Example #2
The awful sounds died away...
Example #3
Often such moments are really our moments of play, and we are surprised at the unexpected blessedness of what may seem our [152] least important part of time; not merely because play is in many instances that to which people really apply their own best powers, but also because at such times, the stress of our servile, everyday attentiveness being relaxed, the happier powers in things without are permitted free passage, and have their way with us.
Example #4
In sketch or finished picture, in various collections, we may follow it through many intricate variations-men fainting at music; music at the pool-side while people fish, or mingled with the sound of the pitcher in the well, or heard across running water, or among the flocks; the tuning of instruments; people with intent faces, as if listening, like those described by Plato in an ingenious passage of the Republic, to detect the smallest interval of musical sound, the smallest undulation in the air, or feeling for music in thought on a stringless instrument, ear and finger refining themselves infinitely, in the appetite for sweet sound; a momentary touch of an instrument in the twilight, as one passes through some unfamiliar room, in a chance company.
Example #5
The wind swept in soft big breaths down from the moor and was strange with a wild clear scented sweetness.
Example #6
The arch of it looked very high and the small snowy clouds seemed like white birds floating on outspread wings below its crystal blueness.