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How to use little-to in a sentence. Little-to pronunciation.

I wanted-for even then I cared for you a little-to spare you that. HE.
It would be safer to postpone such decided measures a little-to avoid all open collisions, if possible, for a few days.
Freedom of speech is dear to our hearts; it is an easy privilege, and costs little-to the speaker.

Examples of Little-to

Example #1
I was afraid that if you did forgive me and take me in your arms, you would feel me shudder, and see the terror and loathing in my eyes.
Example #2
I wanted to hurt you in such a way as to keep you from ever coming near me again.
Example #3
In such a case as the above, the boy might be kindly spoken to in an under tone, in such a way as to show both the teacher's sense of the impropriety of disorder, and also his desire to avoid giving pain to the boy.
Example #4
He perceives that instead of having the influence of salutary example upon the other boys, it must have shocked their sense of justice, and excited dislike toward a teacher so quick and severe, rather than of fear of doing wrong themselves.
Example #5
People are free to talk, privately and publicly, and free to write, privately and publicly.
Example #6
Literature is only preserved speech.