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How to use live-ye in a sentence. Live-ye pronunciation.

If he wins, I shall kill him as surely as I myself live,-yes, even though he is Helen's brother.
Moreover, there are a number of persons who do not marry, and yet have a right to live-yes, and to enjoy living.
Shouldn't wonder if he follows me up and tries to discover where I live-yes, there the beggar is, obviously following me!

Examples of Live-ye

Example #1
No man shall snatch Ziska from my arms and continue to breathe.
Example #2
He will try his chance-I mine.
Example #3
Men have long ago solved this problem to their own satisfaction.
Example #4
Each set of young people seem to differ more sharply from their parents than they, in their youth, similarly differed.
Example #5
Very well, I have no objection; on the contrary, the task of dodging him will add a new zest to life.
Example #6
But I suspect that he has been quietly dogging Carlos, with a view to discovering what friends he and his father make here in England; and, having seen Carlos and me together for some hours to-day, he was desirous of obtaining an opportunity to become acquainted with my features and general appearance.