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And I am the more induced to believe he wrote it about that time, because he had then the opportunity to converse with those living characters of rebellion, nonsense, and hypocrisy, which he so livelily and pathetically exposes throughout the whole work.
It is too venturous to charge a passage in Shakespeare with want of truth to nature; and yet at first sight this speech of Oliver’s expresses truths, which it seems almost impossible that any mind should so distinctly, so livelily, and so voluntarily, have presented to itself, in connection with feelings and intentions so malignant, and so contrary to those which the qualities expressed would naturally have called forth.
VIRTUE, valour. VIVELY, in lifelike manner, livelily. VIZARD, mask.
By one's faith, the blue-black hair of Dolores would make any weak man itch; and the stories that had floated on the breeze that day, livelily exchanged between her and that roguish Sanchicha, the _lavandera_; Lorenzo must surely have lapped them all up like a hungry spaniel, though he cleverly turned his head away so you would not guess.

Examples of Livelily

Example #1
After the restoration of King Charles II.
Example #2
For, though fate, more than choice, seems to have placed him in the service of a Knight so notorious, both in his person and politics, yet, by the rule of contraries, one may observe throughout his whole Poem, that he was most orthodox, both in his religion and loyalty.
Example #3
But I dare not say that this seeming unnaturalness is not in the nature of an abused wilfulness, when united with a strong intellect.
Example #4
This has always appeared to me one of the most un-Shakespearian speeches in all the genuine works of our poet; yet I should be nothing surprised, and greatly pleased, to find it hereafter a fresh beauty, as has so often happened to me with other supposed defects of great men.—1810.
Example #5
VOGUE, rumour, gossip. VOICE, vote. VOID, leave, quit. VOLARY, cage, aviary.
Example #6
VIRGINAL, old form of piano.