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Definition of Loblolly

  • Gruel; porridge; -- so called among seamen.
  • thick gruel

How to use loblolly in a sentence. Loblolly pronunciation.

This also is to be as silly as that jolt-headed loblolly of a carter, who, having laid his waggon fast in a slough, down on his marrow-bones was calling on the strong-backed deity, Hercules, might and main, to help him at a dead lift, but all the while forgot to goad on his oxen and lay his shoulder to the wheels, as it behoved him; as if a Lord have mercy upon us alone would have got his cart out of the mire.
The loblolly needle has only two sides, though the under is so curved that it looks like two; and the 'Table Mountain' has two sides.
I am told that the tree which grows up when the long-leaved pine is destroyed, is the loblolly pine, or, as it is sometimes called, the short-leaved pine, a tree of very inferior quality and in little esteem.

Examples of Loblolly

Example #1
My masters, it is a usual saying, that we begin matins with coughing and supper with drinking.
Example #2
Let us now, in doing clean contrarily, begin our matins with drinking, and at night before supper we shall cough as hard as we can.
Example #3
Look hard at this white pine needle; do you see, it has three sides, two of them white and one green?
Example #4
Dorothy, who had been dimpling amusedly as she delivered her lecture, flushed deeply.
Example #5
About half-past two in the afternoon, we came to Wilmington, a little town built upon the white sands of Cape Fear, some of the houses standing where not a blade of grass or other plant can grow.
Example #6
We saw large tracts covered with the standing trunks of trees already killed by it; and other tracts beside them had been freshly attacked by the spoiler.