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Definition of Loincloth

  • A cloth covering for the loins, worn around the hips; -- sometimes worn in tropical areas as the only article of clothing.
  • a garment that provides covering for the loins

How to use loincloth in a sentence. Loincloth pronunciation.

He, like his followers, was dressed only in a loincloth; he had copper bracelets round his wrists.
Instantly a tall blackamoor advanced from the throng and cast off his flowing robe, showing a strong figure clad only in a silver loincloth.
In the first place, you must get me the stain; in the second, you must go into the bazaar and buy me a loincloth and light jacket, such as the soldiers wear when they lay aside their uniforms.
Lisle then proceeded to follow the example of the others, by taking off his uniform and stripping to the loincloth, and a little calico jacket.
Lisle took off his tunic, putties, and boots; and the Sikh also stripped himself to his loincloth, in which he placed his bayonet.
Not white men such as the priests, who alone had been saved upon the pyramid, but brown men of Inyati's type, their bodies nude except for a loincloth. Stunned and dismayed at the fearful sight, I sat inert upon the altar, and gazed upon the mighty hecatomb in utter forgetfulness of my own awful position, till the priestess, who had awakened me, and who also had stood in silent contemplation, turned and once more fixed her glowing eyes upon me.

Examples of Loincloth

Example #1
As he approached, the lads rose and bowed deeply; then Will held out to him the ax and, placing it in his hand, motioned to him that it was a present.
Example #2
The chief was a tall and well-built man, of about forty years of age.
Example #3
Then he turned fiercely upon his attendants.
Example #4
For a moment he dropped his scarlet head in thought.
Example #5
As to the uniform, that is already arranged for; and I shall, of course, have one of the sheepskin greatcoats that have just been served out, and which I expect I shall find indispensable.
Example #6
When the risaldar had left, Lisle called Robah in.