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July 15, 1843, Thomas Longley, the favorite brother of Mrs. Mary Riggs, was suddenly swallowed up in the treacherous waters of the Minnesota and laid to rest under what his sister was wont to call the "Oaks of weeping"-three dwarf oaks on a small knoll.
In 1851, July 4, Mr. Hopkins was suddenly swept away to death by the fatal waves of the Minnesota and his recovered body was laid to rest under the oaks where Thomas Longley had slept all alone for seven years.
The first resident ministers were the Rev. Thomas Longley, Superintendent; the above John Barritt was the second, and Richard Thoresby the third.

Examples of Longley

Example #1
In 1844, Robert Hopkins and his young bride joined the workers here.
Example #2
This station was doomed to a tragic history.
Example #3
Thus the mission at Traverse des Sioux was closed by the messenger of death.
Example #4
Hitherto it had not been a service free from difficulty, or even danger.
Example #5
On the death of John Wesley (1791) his mantle fell, and indeed, had already fallen, in several cases, on shoulders worthy of the commission which he conferred upon them.