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How to use look-which in a sentence. Look-which pronunciation.

No longer the plain, almost elderly woman; she had in her poor worn face the look-which makes any face young, nay, lovely-the mother's look.
His smile gave him that look-that boyish look-which once she had loved so dearly upon Guy's face.
At least it was worth while to look-which Messrs. Brock and Macshane determined to do.

Examples of Look-which

Example #1
Fate had not been altogether cruel to her; it had given her a child.
Example #2
In a moment Helen started up-her whole expression changed; and when, after a short disappearance, she re-entered the room with her child, who had dropped contentedly asleep again, nestling to her bosom, she was perfectly transformed.
Example #3
She felt as if something were pulling at her heart.
Example #4
She looked at him severely.
Example #5
The house being now a private one, Mr. Brock, with a genius that was above his station, visited its owner, with a huge portfolio under his arm, and, in the character of a painter, requested permission to take a particular sketch from a particular window.
Example #6
Was the money gone too?