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How to use `love in a sentence. `love pronunciation.

The `Love' chapter, of course, takes her fancy.
Later, a sweet Voice `Love thy neighbor' said; Then first the bounds of neighborhood outspread Beyond all confines of old ethnic dread.
William Morris's `Love Is Enough'; `Aurora Leigh', Book ix.
All the while, however, he has been deeply interested in literature and has written some graceful sketches and poems, among which may be mentioned the following: `Thorn-fruit' (1867), `Love and Loyalty at War' (1893), `Biding Tryst' (1894), prose; `Greatest of These is Love', `The American Philomel', `Keats and Fanny B-', `The Spirit of Art', `Antinous to Hadrian', `Time', `Tireless', `Tramp' (in Stedman and Hutchinson's `Library of American Literature'), `Love and Life', `Edgar Allan Poe', etc.

Examples of `love

Example #1
That picture of Woman, `Drawn by Reverence and coloured by Love,' she thinks beautiful, and repeats it, tossing up pretty eyes.
Example #2
Besides Dr. Kitchener, she reads and comments on The Pilgrim's Scrip.
Example #3
The nymphs, cold creatures of man's colder brain, Chilled Nature's streams till man's warm heart was fain Never to lave its love in them again.
Example #4
So, when man's arms had circled all man's race, The liberal compass of his warm embrace Stretched bigger yet in the dark bounds of space; With hands a-grope he felt smooth Nature's grace, Drew her to breast and kissed her sweetheart face: Yea man found neighbors in great hills and trees And streams and clouds and suns and birds and bees, And throbbed with neighbor-loves in loving these.
Example #5
For a full account of the `hautboy' and other musical instruments mentioned in the poem see Lanier's `The Orchestra of To-day', cited in the `Bibliography'. 359.
Example #6
And makes Heaven;" and Langland's `Piers the Plowman' (ed.