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How to use love in a sentence. Love pronunciation.

Thou shalt not kill’, and for defying Christ’s injunction to ‘Love one another’.
When Christ came this was changed; the old axiom ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth’ was converted into ‘Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you’, the stern old law being changed into one of love, mercy and forbearance!
I think you must be in love.’ ‘Love!’ cries the poetical young gentleman, starting from his seat by the fire and terrifying the cat who scampers off at full speed, ‘Love!

Examples of Love

Example #1
God gave this power to man that it might be used for the advancement of civilization, for the good of humanity, to increase love and concord and peace.
Example #2
But man prefers to use this gift to destroy instead of to build, for injustice and oppression, for hatred and discord and devastation, for the destruction of his fellow-creatures, whom Christ has commanded that he should love as himself!
Example #3
In the former days the punishment for theft was the cutting off of the right hand; in our time this law could not be so applied.
Example #4
In the time of Moses, there were ten crimes punishable by death.
Example #5
His line is genteel comedy—his father’s, coal and potato.
Example #6
That gentleman in the white hat and checked shirt, brown coat and brass buttons, lounging behind the stage-box on the O. P. side, is Mr. Horatio St. Julien, alias Jem Larkins.