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Of all your passionate love-suits, Th' effects of all your amorous fancies To portions and inheritances; Your love-sick rapture for fruition Of dowry, jointure, and tuition; 1000 To which you make address and courtship; Ad with your bodies strive to worship, That th' infants' fortunes may partake Of love too, for the mother's sake.
Fair Katherine, and most fair, Will you vouchsafe to teach a soldier terms Such as will enter at a lady's ear, And plead his love-suit to her gentle heart?
It will be known to all that my love-suit throve in spite of my unfortunate raid on the button of the Marquis D'Almavivas, at whose series of fetes through that month I was, I may boast, an honoured guest.
In the curious lines called "L'Envoy de Chaucer a Scogan," the poet, while blaming his friend for his want of perseverance in a love-suit, classes himself among "them that be hoar and round of shape," and speaks of himself and his Muse as out of date and rusty.

Examples of Love-suit

Example #1
While from the south the mounting darkness crept, And the wind gathered, moaning upon the mill, Filling its frame with a low pulsing breath.
Example #2
So Ruth read it over for the twentieth time and was surprised to find Ellen still looking cheerful as she finished.
Example #3
Exeunt all but the KING, KATHERINE, and ALICE KING HENRY.
Example #4
Your Majesty shall mock me; I cannot speak your England.
Example #5
I have since that had the pleasure of entertaining him in my own poor house in England, and one of our boys bears his Christian name.
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I need hardly continue the story further.