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Definition of Lythe

  • The European pollack; -- called also laith, and leet.

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As is the grass that grows by Dove, And lythe as lass of Kent.
We can leave the woods by a path leading near Lord Normanby's modern castle, and come out on to the road close to Lythe Church, where a great view of sea and land is spread out towards the south.
Lythe Church, standing in its wind-swept graveyard full of blackened tombstones, need not keep us, for, although its much-modernized exterior is simple and ancient-looking, the interior is devoid of any interest.
The road drops down a tremendous hill into Sandsend, where they talk of going 'up t' bonk' to Lythe Church.
The walk along the rocky shore to Kettleness is dangerous unless the tide is carefully watched, and the road inland through Lythe village is not particularly interesting, so that one is tempted to use the railway, which cuts right through the intervening high ground by means of two tunnels.

Examples of Lythe

Example #1
It used to be said that women are what men wish to have them, that they endeavored to be the kind of women who would win masculine admiration.
Example #2
Man is a noble creation, and he has fine and sturdy qualities which command the admiration of the other sex, but how will it be when that sex, by reason of superior acquirements, is able to look down on him intellectually?
Example #3
The long curving line of white marks the limits of the tide as far as the entrance to Whitby Harbour.
Example #4
The humid, hothouse atmosphere down here encourages the growth of many of the rarer mosses, which entirely cover all but the newly-fallen rocks.
Example #5
It is the same tale at nearly every village in this district, and to those who are able to grow enthusiastic in antiquarian matters some parts of the county are disappointing.
Example #6
The abbey stands out in its loneliness as of yore, and beyond it are the black-looking, precipitous cliffs ending at Saltwick Nab.