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How to use maconochie in a sentence. Maconochie pronunciation.

Cooking, at the times I write about, consisted of making innumerable brews of tea, and opening tins of bully and Maconochie.
One day my man soared off into culinary fancies and curried a Maconochie.
He will regret this contract of his in time, as the food in question was bully beef and plum and apple jam, with an occasional change to Maconochie and apple and plum jam.
I was billed to appear at a dug-out about a quarter of a mile to the left that evening to have rather a special thing in trench dinners-not quite so much bully and Maconochie about as usual.

Examples of Maconochie

Example #1
Occasionally bacon had to be fried in a mess-tin lid.
Example #2
This fellow of mine did all my cooking, such as it was, and worked in conjunction with my friend, the platoon commander's servant.
Example #3
I have never quite forgiven him for this; I am nearly right again now.
Example #4
That store in the cellar absolutely precludes him from any change from this diet for many years to come.
Example #5
They had one farm labourer, a kind of epileptic who, I found out, gave his services in return for being fed-no pay.