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How to use mad in a sentence. Mad pronunciation.

And if it be said, ‘This people are mad,’ this [too] is very improbable, for it is not [a thing] confined to one or two persons, but rather have a great multitude of every class, inebriated with the Kaw_th_ar of divine wisdom, hastened with heart and soul to the place of martyrdom in the way of the Friend.
He’s mad,’ said the man in black.
For God’s sake, Charles, don’t fidget with that stool so; you’ll drive me mad.’ Mr. Kitterbell, quite regardless of his uncle’s nerves, had occupied himself for some ten minutes in describing a circle on the floor with one leg of the office-stool on which he was seated, keeping the other three up in the air, and holding fast on by the desk.

Examples of Mad

Example #1
If these persons, who for God have foregone all save Him, and who have poured forth life and wealth in His way, can be belied, then by what proof and evidence shall the truth of that which others assert concerning that wherein they are be established in the presence of the King?
Example #2
And this same renunciation of life in the way of love for the Merciful [God] is a faithful witness and an eloquent attest unto that whereunto they lay claim.
Example #3
Not he,’ said the Radical.
Example #4
He’s only shamming; he knows his master is here, and therefore has recourse to these manœuvres, but it won’t do.
Example #5
The money _was_ raised and the execution was paid out.
Example #6
Bitter cold and damp weather it was, yet, though her dress was thin, and her shoes none of the best, during the whole three days, from morning to night, she was out of doors running about to try and raise the money.