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And this the world calls frenzy; but the wise Have a far deeper madness-and the glance Of melancholy is a fearful gift; What is it but the telescope of truth?
Then by one to whom he fully confided, and who knew too many of his secrets already-Corporal Van Spitter-he too!-and to dare to aspire to the widow-it was madness-and then their knowledge of his treason-the corporal having witnessed his receiving the gold-with such bitter enemies, what could he expect but a halter?-he felt it even now round his neck; and Vanslyperken groaned in the bitterness of his spirit.
We call it hydrophobia, but they call it dewanee-the madness-and run.

Examples of Madness-and

Example #1
The ballad as a whole was not known to students of Spanish literature previous to the publication of Byron's translation (1818), (see _Ancient Ballads from the Civil Wars of Granada_, by Thomas Rodd, 1801, pp.
Example #2
Stanzas 1-11, "Passeavase el Rey Moro," etc., follow the text which De Hita gives as a translation from the Arabic; stanzas 12-14 are additional, and do not correspond with any of the Spanish originals; stanzas 15-21, with numerous deviations and omissions, follow the text of a second ballad, "Moro Alcayde, Moro Alcayde," described by De Hita as "antiguo Romance," and portions of stanzas 21-23 are imbedded in a ballad entitled "Muerte dada á Los Abencerrajes" (Duran's _Romancero General_, 1851, ii. 89).
Example #3
In the meantime, there was a consultation between the widow and the corporal as to the best method of proceeding.
Example #4
His hopes and calculations had been so brilliant-rid of his enemy Smallbones-with gold in possession, and more in prospect, to be so cruelly deceived by the widow-the cockatrice.
Example #5
But they are afraid of him too, because Tabaqui, more than anyone else in the jungle, is apt to go mad, and then he forgets that he was ever afraid of anyone, and runs through the forest biting everything in his way.
Example #6
He scuttled to the back of the cave, where he found the bone of a buck with some meat on it, and sat cracking the end merrily.