Magnano in a sentence

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How to use magnano in a sentence. Magnano pronunciation.

Next these the brave MAGNANO came; MAGNANO, great in martial fame.
Upon his shoulder, in the passing, Lodg'd in MAGNANO's brass habergeon, Who straight, A Surgeon, cry'd, A Surgeon.

Examples of Magnano

Example #1
Yet when with ORSIN he wag'd fight, 'Tis sung, he got but little by't.
Example #2
The former rides in triumph for it; The latter in a two-wheel'd chariot For daring to profane a thing So sacred with vile bungling.
Example #3
He tumbled down, and, as he fell, Did Murther, Murther, Murther, yell.
Example #4
In death contracts his talons close, So did the Knight, and with one claw The trigger of his pistol draw.