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Definition of Male

  • See Mal-.

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There were twenty-three in all, and must have been the produce of a pair which some whaling vessel had turned loose on the island; for, they were every one marked in the same way as the patriarchal-looking male,- evidently their progenitor.
And no worker would think of talking to a male;- for males, in this queer world, are inferior beings, equally incapable of fighting or working, and tolerated only as necessary evils.
A worker could not even dream of keeping company with a male,- not merely because such association would signify the most frivolous waste of time, nor yet because the worker necessarily regards all males with unspeakable contempt; but because the worker is incapable of wedlock.

Examples of Male

Example #1
He was a stately old fellow, with a fine pair of curving horns that nearly reached to his tail; in addition to which, he could boast of a long silky beard that a Turkish pasha might have envied.
Example #2
The goats were secreted in a thicket of buckthorn trees and tussock-grass, close to where the tableland sloped to the beach at its western extremity.
Example #3
One special class of females,- the Mothers-Elect of the race,- do condescend to consort with males, during a very brief period, at particular seasons.
Example #4
None of them would presume to address a worker,- except, perhaps, under extraordinary circumstances of common peril.
Example #5
Some workers, indeed, are capable of parthenogenesis, and give birth to children who never had fathers.
Example #6
But the Mothers-Elect do not work; and they most accept husbands.